Chels (legally_blonde7) wrote,

So exams started Wednesday and ended Friday. I think I did pretty well on all of them except for pre calc, but that was understood before I even sat down to take it lol. This weekend was fabulous because I had absolutely no homework..the greatest feeling in the world lol.

This week is the beginning of the new semester, I'll have advanced comp instead of English and criminal justice instead of govt. I'm excited that I'm finally done with govt but not too thrilled with the 14 essays coming up until the end of the year in adv comp..yikes!

Scheduling is going to start pretty any of you actually have anything to take?! For a fact I'll be in band, English, and math again..but other than that, it's completely up in the air since I fulfilled all of my credits and there isn't really anything beyond physics in the science department. Hmm, tell me what's going on with you guys!

I watched this Lifetime movie this evening and it was pretty scary lol. Desperate Housewives is on at 9. I'm looking forward to seeing Gabrielle beating up Sister Mary lmao

Stephy and I decided we are hanging out Sunday. That is all
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I'm taking band, english, math, french, bio 2, and humanities/half a year of band or girl's conditioning.

Yeah...not really much left to take.
where is your Government?!?!?!?
I'm taking government this semester!
I have no idea Chelsea. But I do know I'll probably be in French 3. =)