Chels (legally_blonde7) wrote,

An update finally! lol

Nice weekend, Western's marching band is awesome, that's all I have to say. Oh and yay for a Phantom show lol.

This week is dragging, it needs to be done with!! Can't wait til next week though, smooth sailing since I pretty much only have a real day of class Tuesday.. and no school for the rest of the week. Weekend to myself also with the father outta the country and the others out of town.

Friday = Time well spent with my Joe, his Cara, and our Matt lmaoo

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This week must be dragging for EVERYONE cause i feel like it's been this week for like......3 weeks...haha...if that makes sense....maybe ill try and interrupt your "real class" if i can on tuesday....since you have break the rest of the fun on friday...or were u talking about last friday?haha...oh sory i wrote so much....ill ttyl
Tony! I miss you!

But yeah, what a dragging week. Totally stop in Mr French's 3rd hour Tuesday, that would be awesome :)

Hopefully i'll see you soon!
Haha...i miss you guys too!! i live like 2 seconds away but i never have the time to hang out or anything like that anymore...ill definitely try to come into his 3rd hr tho....and this time ill wave BEFORE im walking out the door...haha....well ttys... u guys have practice on this coming tuesday? cause ill try to make it to that too!
yup yup, we have practice til 4. it will be FREEZING