Chels (legally_blonde7) wrote,

It has been weeks since I've written in here!

The Gator Bowl was a fun trip, I'll probably only put like two pictures on here later since everyone else has pretty much posted the entire trip on their livejournals lol.

Back to school - This past week we've been getting mid term reviews and such since the exams and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week. There isn't any school tomorrow which is great. Friday Danielle and I went to see Tristan and Isolde, I really liked it. Yesterday we did our pre calculus review together, most of it got done except for a few questions. I copied what I didn't have of physics also so I'll have to study that Thursdayish.

I've practiced my instrument a little today, I'll get back to that in a bit, the notes are like 700 lines about the staff in Bombasto so it's killing my mouth..

Tomorrow I'm going over Cicillian's house to study for our government final--only two more days of govt forever, hurray!

Is anyone else in love with Nickelback - Far Away??

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