Chels (legally_blonde7) wrote,

Happy Holidays and such to you all!

Christmas was nice, I didn't get too many gifts due to the Gator Bowl but I enjoyed the ones I did get..tons of disney stuff! The Cinderella DVD, disney princess blankets, chapsticks, socks.. I also got some new makeup which was nice and various other random things, including the Desperate Housewives board game! Woot!

Today Danielle and I went shopping at Target in the mall, I'd say we stood in lines more than we actually shopped lol! Danielle doesn't like my SWEET, RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sunglasses but whatev lol! She got two new pairs also for Florida. I went into FYE for Charlie DVD but they didn't have the widescreen version so I'll have to get that another time. Marshall Field's was fun because we pretty much sampled every perfume on the face of the Earth and totally smelled like it too.

Later on I picked up the one and only Adela and we went to Coney Island for dinner. I have missed her so MUCH, it's been months but we definitely caught up on every detail of our lives lol. We hung back out at her house for a couple hours and played her new game Harry Potter Scene It which was neat. Milad joined us later as well. I'm so sad I won't see her again because of Florida.

Tomorrow is practice, I wonder how it'll go
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I LOVED hanging out with you Chels! I miss how I used to see you every day! We should hang out every break for sure!