Chels (legally_blonde7) wrote,

An overdue update!

Wow it seems like these two weeks since Thanksgiving break have dragged on because we are all anticipating Christmas vacation, woot woot!

Varsity practice was pretty fun today, I was all set with my two pairs of gloves, socks, and of course my Barbie earmuffs :) Estancia is getting better, although we definitely need to do some major cleaning up within the next four practices...

School for the most part is okay, I am hitting a bump in p-calc because I never seem to completely understand domain and range, ugh. Two big tests tomorrow, math and physics, and a big government test on Friday.

This weekend I am taking the ACT saturday morning and going out with Emily and Melanie for breakfast beforehand, it is going to be one early day! Then later on in the evening is Pasta Fest and a night with Sarah!

Nikole has a new baby brother too! :)

Hurray for tomorrow being Thursday because Thursdays are my favorite :)
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