Chels (legally_blonde7) wrote,

Great week so far!

Monday wasn't interesting, just a normal day with marching practice afterwards. I missed some of it for the Canned Food NHS committee and I had to decorate boxes next to these two people who were being annoying as hell, the one kid made a stupid argument in English class too previously that wasted like a good 10-15 minutes. Lame o's. Melanie Duzyj is the best, she actually knows what she is doing on the NHS board.

Tuesday there wasn't school so I went over to Tina's house for the entire day and we did pre calculus together and ate food lol. She made me a fucking sweet myspace too, yes, I finally conformed and hopped on the bandwagon after all these months. Thank you Tina!

Wednesday..indoor rehearsal after school. I was frustrated that I hadn't looked at the Rock and Roll music as well as I should have and could have done a lot better of a job teaching sectionals if I had done so...sorry guys :(

Later in the evening, Nikole, Robin and I went to see the MCGH basketball game, Doctors vs Staff. The staff whipped them but I might add that Dr. Brown is one fineee doctor lol, Cole is so lucky she gets to see his gorgeous face at work! lol

Me: "Well...I don't see a Mrs Brown anywhere.."
Nikole: "Blue sleeves, that's his girlfriend."
Me: "Oh, well, she's not that cute."
*Walks by*
Me: "All right, maybe she is cute, yeah.."
Nikole: "Um, I don't think Dr Brown would date an ugly girl, he's too gorgeous."

Today was a 1/2 day because conferences are going on starting at noon I believe, I need to do some homework, study, and practice. Later tonight I am going to chaperone the Grissom Middle School band kiddos, we're going to see a performance called Blast

Hurray for tomorrow being Friday!
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